Hair Replacement vs Hair Transplant: Which Suits You Best

Hair loss has become a common issue faced by both men and women in Singapore. Due to countless factors, like stress, genetically inherited, sedentary habits, hormonal imbalance, unhealthy diet, ageing, etc. or clinically diagnosed illnesses like hypertension, arthritis, cancer, and depression – many, like you, are affected and frantically searching for solutions.

As hair is an integral part of your appearance, you have more than just hair loss issues to deal with. Losing hair can feel like the equivalent to losing a part of your identity, which leaves a damaging scar on yourself-confidence.

Good news for all of you yearning to run your fingers through voluminous hair again – the hair growth industry in Singapore has advanced tremendously, offering various solutions for hair loss, like hair replacements and hair transplants, at your convenience – so there is still hope!

So if you’re decided between hair replacements and hair transplant treatments, here’s a guide to help you determine which hair loss solution is best for you.

Before Hair Replacement Treatment After Hair Replacement Treatment

What Is Hair Replacement  System?  

Hair replacement is when a hairpiece made of synthetic or natural human hair is attached to your scalp using tapes or adhesive. This is an instantaneous non-surgical procedure, meaning you will not feel any pain or have to wait for recovery. You can practically walk out of the hair studio within an hour with brand new hair.

A hair replacement in Singapore is a go-to solution when your roots are not suitable, or it’s not strong enough to endure hair transplants, regardless of the cause of your hair loss. The one advantageous benefit of the hair replacement system is that you can completely control the outcomes of this procedure, unlike for hair transplant, where you will have to wait for the hair to grow to determine if the procedure is successful.

What Is A Hair Transplant?   

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure. A professional takes patches or strips of your skin containing donor hair from the sides or back of your head and transplants them to parts of your scalp with little or no hair. The professional performs this transplant by creating slits or holes in the bare parts of your scalp for the donor hairs to enter.

Another form of hair transplant in Singapore is the scalp flap procedure, in which the professional grafts a part of your scalp with hair onto the bald parts of your head.

Since this treatment is a surgical procedure, it should only be done by licensed professionals. There are pain, risks, time, and a considerable amount of costs involved in a complete hair transplant procedure. Unlike the hair replacement system, a hair transplant can take up to 8 hours, even as an outpatient surgical treatment. Not to mention, the healing period may take up to 2 years with several follow-up sessions during recovery. However, this procedure will produce a more natural feel and appearance, which makes it worth it if that’s what you prefer.

Hair Replacement vs Hair Transplant   

Now that you’ve comprehensively understood how these hair loss treatments work, let’s learn more about their advantages and disadvantages to identify the best solution for you.

Who’s a good candidate for Hair Replacement or Hair Transplant?   

The hair replacement system is suitable for anyone suffering from hair loss or bald spots, regardless of the cause.

However, for a hair transplant, the suitability depends on the cause of your hair loss and your underlying medical conditions. Since it’s a surgical procedure, it’s best to consult your physician before attempting a hair transplant if you’re suffering from chronic illnesses like heart issues, liver or kidney failure, diabetes, and the like.

Can you cut and style your Hair Replacement or Hair Transplant?   

Hair replacement systems can be styled or cut like natural hair. You can even shampoo it, swim with it, and carry out all other activities as usual.

However, you must ensure your hair replacement system is removed and cleaned regularly. Timely maintenance and replacement are vital to maintaining the hygiene of hair replacement systems due to natural wear or breakdown of the hair piece as it’s in contact with your skin’s natural chemicals.

As for a hair transplant, you can proceed with cutting or styling your hair once the entire procedure (inclusive of 2 years’ recovery) is complete.

What about the side effects of Hair Replacement or Hair Transplant?   

The hair replacement in Singapore does produce side effects like allergic reactions and itching if you fail to maintain hygiene effectively. Apart from these, some people may feel uncomfortable or hot with a toupee on in the Singapore climate.

Whereas the side effects of a hair transplant include bleeding, scarring, and infection – the common complications that could arise from surgical procedures. The other downside of this procedure is the risk of the failure of hair growth from donor hair or irregular and uneven hair growth. If this occurs, you will have to repeat the entire procedure.

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