Losing hair?

Try HairSpec's non-invasive hair replacement system.

Your hair is your confidence - but losing hair doesn't mean painful and expensive procedures. HairSpec has the perfect solution for you no matter the stage of hair loss you're facing.



    It is the most effective and natural technology currently out there. Our Nano hair looks & feels like real hair when tied onto one’s head (99% similar to real hair ). Except lighter. Each strand of Nano Hair weighs only 20% the weight of real, original hair. Therefore, it does not weigh down and cause excessive stress or damage to the real, original hair.


    NanoSpec is an effective hair aesthetic solution for persons suffering from hair loss or thinning hair. Although it is not a remedy or cure, it provides a safe, sustainable and risk-free way of achieving your desired hairstyle and look with immediate results.

    Restoration is performed without the use of any chemicals. This involves attaching strands of nano hair to 1 strand of healthy hair using a special knotting technique to increase the hair volume.

    The Result

    It takes approximately 1.5 - 2 hours to see the result of Nano Hair. Hair volume is increased almost immediately.


    You Can Be

    our next success story

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    Beat hair loss

    Beat hair loss in 5 steps with HairSpec

    Our proven hair replacement system gives you a head full of hair in just 60 minutes! Here's how:

    Step 1


    Scalp, hair and lifestyle analysis


    Step 2

    best hair system

    Consultation on the best hair system that fits you and your lifestyle


    Step 3

    cleaning and trimming

    Measurement & preperation of scalp via cleaning and trimming


    Step 4

    facial structure

    Customise a suitable design for your facial structure and preferences


    Step 5

    Blending in the hair

    Blending in the hair replacement system for best and most natural-looking outcome


    4 Reasons Why

    you should choose HairSpec for your hair replacement

    USA technology
    Made from revolutionary & unique USA technology

    We are focused on one product to provide the best quality and service

    Non-surgical, non-invasive,
    no pain

    Completely undetectable with no lengthy treatments

    genuine hair
    Real, genuine hair
    tailor-made for you

    Your hair replacement system is customised for your lifestyle and exact hair loss condition

    happy customers
    Track record of over 2,000
    happy customers

    Our effectiveness is proven by our satisfied clients

    Our NanoSpec is undeniably fit to offer back common hair totality to individuals with flimsy hair in the crown region, even with cutting edge balding. This new, extra hair feels like one's own and give you your self-assurance back.

    NanoSpec can be worn over numerous months.

    To give you a value we have to see you in our salon. Each going bald issue is unique and requires detailed examination by our hair experts.

    What Our Customers Say



    Team Hairspec are very professional and friendly. They shared a lot of information with me when I visited them unlike some others who uses celeb to sell brand but can't answer to my questions. This hair care studio is the place to go. I highly recommend.

    yew hiong Lim


    Been wearing using the system for more than 10 years. I've visited many outlets from overseas to Singapore. Didn't feel contented with any others. Hairspec staff provided me with the best service and gave me a lot of valuable information which others don't. I feel happy and satisfied here.



    Feeling happy and more confident after doing my hair with hairspec.
    Search few places but return to them because they are more professional for my hair transform.
    Highly recommended for all thoese looking for this hair transform.

    Murugan Gurusamy

    Frequently Asked Questions


    As long as your extensions are fitted by a trained hair extension specialist, NanoSpec is not damaging to your natural hair. The fitting process does not require heat or glue to secure them to the hair which means they are gentler on your natural hair.

    Nano Aftercare:
    Advice to go for Scalp Therapy / Hair Treatment
    Avoid using nails to shampoo hair
    Brush from root to tip morning and evening.
    Always make sure extensions are completely dry before going to bed.
    Sleep in loose plait or bun.
    Invest in good aftercare products that suit your hair as well as the extensions.


    • No down time
    • Immediate result
    • Great for anyone who wish to volume up the density, even without having hair loss problem
    • Great for people who like to wear their hair up
    • Can apply them very close to the hairline
    • Least damaging – No heat or glue used to apply
    • Can apply on front hair line, parting area and thinning part of your hair
    • Less maintenance
    • Cheaper than hair transplant
    • Hassle-Free & Pain-Free
    • The biggest advantage of
    • NanoSpec treatment Hair Extensions is truly in the size. Before Nanospec were invented, most hair extensions were not suitable for anyone with extremely fine or thin hair as they would be visible to others or too heavy on the fragile, natural hair. Due to their tiny size and gentle application we finally have an option for thin hair to safely enhance the length and thickness.

    Give Yourself

    the confidence you deserve

    Don’t live another day unhappy with how you look. Give HairSpec’s advanced hair replacement system a try – we promise you’ll love your new look!